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Henry heads off to his uncle's farm, leaving behind a pollution-choked city. His uncle is building something special, you see...

Uncle Marlow's Machine is the picture storybook that the next generation needs, wants and deserves. It's high time we talked about climate change. 

A kids' book that celebrates the wonderful things we can do to halt climate change. 

Recommended ages: for 0 - 10yrs old

Author: Stuart French

Illustrator: Alvin Mulyono

What is this picture book about?

 Join little Henry as he heads off on a journey to visit his wacky uncle at a farm far, far away. When Henry finally arrives, he discovers something incredible. Uncle Marlow’s been building a secret machine! But what is it? And why don’t the city people like it? 

Infused with a touch of satire and a lot of goodwill, this is the story you need to be reading to your little ones to protect our climate future. 

This beautiful book will be remembered in decades to come as the awakening we all needed.

Praise for Uncle Marlow's Machine

“Uncle Marlow’s Machine is honest and clear, its writing style attributing a sense of responsibility to the reader. The illustrations in this story make a real impact. Beautiful green fields contrast with smoky skies and dirty power plants, and this helps to demonstrate the story’s theme.” Shannon A Jade

An excerpt from the story

He’s in his barn when he hears our truck rumble to a stop, and he quickly pulls the barn doors closed.

“We’ve come to see your machine!” I yell, pointing at the big red barn with both hands, as Uncle Marlow walks outside.

Dad sighs. “You weren’t supposed to say anything, Henry…”

“What are you talking about, Squirt?” asks Uncle Marlow, yanking on my cheeks.

“Does it fly, or jump in the sky?” I ask. “Or does it swim in the ocean with its long propeller?”


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