How To Decide On A Perfect Gift For Kids This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially for children. However, it can quickly turn into one of the most expensive, particularly for parents with a few kids — plus nieces and nephews!

Add the fact that many of us are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of our gift-giving choices on the environment, and the festive season can quickly become a time of stress and anxiety.

Deciding on a ‘perfect gift’ for the children in your life can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, Alex and Moo is here to help with our comprehensive range of fun, educational, and eco-friendly Christmas toys for kids of all ages.

We’ve even got a few strategies up our sleeves to help you narrow down the gift shortlist. Read on to learn more!

child playing as an angel

The ‘4 Gift Rule’

These days, there are all sorts of approaches to buying Christmas toys that are designed to minimise waste and ensure the recipient is delighted with your choice of gift.

The ‘4 Gift Rule’ is just one of them and is a great way to prioritise sustainability in your gift-giving process. The ‘4 Gift Rule’ is built around following four principles that dictate the types of presents you should be looking for — something the recipient wants, something they need, something for them to do, and something for them to read.

The great news is that Alex and Moo’s collection of Christmas gifts for kids is packed with toys and products that meet these criteria perfectly. 

Something they want

‘Something they want’ is fairly broad given that there are plenty of things your little one might have on their wish list. Generally speaking, most parents opt for a toy of some sort — one that will capture their child’s attention and provide hours of entertainment.

Take the Tender Leaf Toys — Cottontail Cottage Doll House, for example. A gorgeous cottage that features a natural wood roof, shutters, cut-out windows, and an attic bedroom, it comes recommended by the Good Toy Guide and will encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Something they need

Christmas can also be a great time to shop for practical products that your child needs, but you may not have the opportunity or budget to purchase throughout the year. These items don’t have to be boring and they can be critical for learning and development.

Perhaps you want to stimulate your child’s interest in numbers. The Tender Leaf Toys — Counting Carrots is perfect for those over 18 months of age and introduces all the essential tasks of counting, sorting, and stacking.  

Alternatively, if your little one absolutely loves maths and could benefit from a toy that extends their learning and passion, consider the Sassi — Learn All About…Mathematics! set. Children will be introduced to world-famous mathematicians and can complete a range of exercises designed to provide hours of education and entertainment.

Something to do

Alex and Moo’s range of Christmas toys is packed full of engaging gifts that can improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The Fabelab — Skipping Elastic, for example, may seem a little old school, but for kids with energy to burn, it may just be the perfect Christmas toy. At 4m long, it can provide hours of entertainment in the backyard or playground and is a great way of getting your kids active and outside. 

Alternatively, if your child loves arts and crafts, consider the Once Kids — DIY Playhard Heroes. These moveable and poseable wooden articulated action figures come with blank surfaces that can be decorated using the provided colour pencils. Let your little one’s imagination run wild as they bring to life their very own action story!    

Something to read

We all know how essential comprehension skills are, and your child is never too young to be introduced to the wonderful world of reading.

Alex and Moo’s collection of Christmas toys is packed full of books appropriate for all age groups and interests. For young children just learning the alphabet, the Sassi — Pull and Learn is an ideal gift. The interactive nature of this pull-and-play book means kids won’t even realise they’re learning!

If your kid is slightly more advanced in their reading skills, you might want to consider a title like Sassi — Happy as a Chick. Perfect for those over five years of age, Happy as a Chick speaks to the importance of family, making it a very special book to read with your child. 

Shop For Christmas Toys At Alex And Moo

Shopping for Christmas presents doesn’t have to be an extravagant or stressful experience. The comprehensive collection of Christmas toys available at Alex and Moo means you can find the perfect gift for your little one — whether it’s a toy that inspires a love of learning or teaches important motor skills — and have it delivered straight to your door.

Check out our collection of kids’ Christmas presents today, and be sure to contact our friendly team if you need assistance finding the ideal gift this festive season.