Alex and Moo are proud stockists of some of the best baby bath toys Australia has to offer! Whether you’re after rubber duck bath toys, or just about any other type of bath toys for kids, we have a huge range of environmentally-friendly bath toys from top brands including Hevea, Tikiri, and more. Shop today or check out some of our best selling items below!

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    Hevea Duck Bath Toys For Kids

    It's hard to find safe and environmentally-friendly bath toys that don't have the potential to grow mould. Most bath toys are made from materials like PVC and BPA which can release harmful toxins into the water when they're used. These materials are also very difficult to clean, meaning that bacteria and mould can easily build up over time. The Hevea Kawan Natural Rubber Duck is made from 100% natural rubber which is free from phthalates, PVC and BPA. The duck is hand-painted with natural plant pigments, making it soft, malleable and easy for tiny hands to grasp. Hevea makes a huge range of kids' bath toys, so whether you’re after the classic duck or something more oceanic, they’ll have something to tickle your child’s fancy.

    Plasto’s “I’m Green” Toddler Bath Toys

    Did you know that the production of traditional plastic creates harmful greenhouse gas emissions and leaves a large carbon footprint? It's estimated that the manufacture of traditional plastic causes around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That's more than the entire aviation industry! Plasto’s I'M GREEN toddler bath toys are made from bioplastic, which is produced from sugar cane. This renewable resource helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Our environmentally friendly toy range is also recyclable. 

    Toddlers love imitating their parents. What better way to teach them about being eco-friendly than with an adorable coffee set? Not only are they fun and cute, but these bath toys also help teach toddlers about the importance of being environmentally conscious. They’re perfect for the playroom, beach, or bathtub! Your child will have a blast playing with these cups, and you’ll love knowing that they’re helping the environment at the same time. This is a must-have for any toddler! Purchase Plasto's "I'm Green" Toddler Bath Toys today!

    Tikiri Farm Animal Natural Teether Bath Toys

    Kids love getting things to chew on, but as parents, we don't want the risk of getting germs or chokable items in their mouth. With the Tikiri My 1st Farm Animal Natural Teethers, kids can have a blast in their bath, chewing on their favourite toys, and playing with colour without you having to worry about them choking. The Tikiri Teether is made from eco-friendly materials that are safe for your child, completely plastic-free, and come in different farm animal forms like horse, cow, pig, sheep etc.

    Bath Toys For Kids From Alex and Moo 

    Alex and Moo is a business run by a mother for her children that produces high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Our products are chosen for their environmental impact, which includes limiting the carbon footprint, using natural products, and being high-quality and long-lasting. Contact us with any questions or feedback, our friendly staff are always happy to help.
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