About Us

Alex and Moo started in 2014. Amanda (Moo) started sewing clothes for her first born son, Alex. Amanda decided to share these handmade creations, and the Alex and Moo business was born. These days, Amanda’s family has grown with the addition of Sophie. Just as Amanda’s family has grown so has the product offering from Alex and Moo!

As a family business, Alex and Moo prides itself on sourcing high-quality and environmentally friendly products. Amanda and her family enjoy using the products, and hope that your family enjoys them too! Alex and Moo would like to make the world a cleaner place. Each product available is chosen for its environmental impact. There are three ways that products can help the environment:

1. Limiting the carbon footprint through the production process.

2. Natural products mean a cleaner home environment with limited volatile organic compounds, so they are safe for your family.

3. All products are high-quality and long-lasting; this means that they reduce landfill.

The higher quality of Alex and Moo products also make them more cost efficient. Many of our customers would rather buy something once that will last longer, rather than cheaper alternatives that need replacing! Amanda lives in the Newcastle region in New South Wales with her husband and two children. Alex and Moo prides itself in being a Newcastle local business servicing Australia. Alex and Moo: natural and recycled products trying to make for a better home and global environment.