There is a uniqueness about Grapat toys that can give children a beautiful experience. They are not anything like regular toys but are uniquely designed with a particular ‘vagueness’ of design to fit a number of imaginary playtime situations. The specialty of Grapat toys is that they come in a wide range of balls, marbles, mandalas, coins, and bowls. These items allow the children to develop motor skills and body coordination. With the wooden texture of these toys, the kids develop their sensory skills as they play, also learning the basic concepts of physics as they roll, stack, or balance the elements of the Grapat sets. 

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    Why should you get Grapat toys for your children?

    Grapat toys are a line of high-quality, handcrafted wooden toys that are designed to promote imaginative play. The company was founded in 2006 by two Spanish sisters who were inspired by the Montessori philosophy of hands-on learning. Grapat's toys are made from sustainable materials like beech wood and non-toxic water-based stains, and each toy is designed to encourage open-ended play. The Grapat line includes a variety of playful wooden creatures, balls, rings, and nesting bowls, all of which can be used together to create endless possibilities for fun. Grapat's toys are loved by children and parents alike and have been featured in many popular magazines and websites. If you're looking for a special gift that will promote creative play, Grapat's wooden toys are a perfect choice.

    Which Grapat toys are most popular among children?

    Grapat Sets

    The Grapat sets come in many different variations, allowing your child to create a world of their own. They are made with minimum details and more abstract shapes on purpose to let your kid get creative, imagining the cones for the trees, or the flat round pieces for stones along the road. A basic Rounds Set is great for starting out with Grapat. The set offers no instructions and there are no rules to be followed so it's up to the kids’ creativity! They will need some imagination but that is always present in the little ones’ minds. These pieces will help them get started on what shape or form their story could possibly look like without being too detailed which allows room for lots more fun options when playing "make-believe."

    For kids who enjoy more imaginative play, the Tomten Set is a more detailed one with characters, mushrooms, coins, honeycombs, and even wooden blocks of fire!

    Grapat Mandalas

    Kids love mandalas! They are calming, colourful, and absolutely fun to make. You can get your children these Grapat mandalas and teach them discipline, harmony, and art as they arrange the pieces in circles and different shapes. Our range includes the Mandala Rainbow Mushrooms which look great on their own as well as a part of other sets and play scenarios. There are sets of natural wood grain mandalas as well, shaped like different objects including pineapples, snowflakes, petals and even raindrops. If you combine different sets of these mandalas, your child will have a whole little world laid out for them to play with.

    Alex & Moo’s Range of Grapat Toys

    At Alex & Moo, we cherish Grapat toys. Made with love and responsibility, these toys have unique designs and special wooden textures that make them great as your kid’s best friends. Explore our range today.

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