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    Alex and Moo stock building blocks for kids, building blocks for toddlers, and even baby building blocks. Our huge range includes leading brands such as Grimm’s Blocks, Grapat, and Miniland Eco. Our selection is designed to promote development and sustainability in one go. Check out what we have in stock now, or read more for a selection of our best selling products!

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    Grimm’s Blocks

    Grimm’s is a family-owned, sustainable manufacturer in the Swabian Alb region of Germany that produces high-quality, natural wooden toys. They believe that children's toys should not just be about keeping kids busy, but should also stimulate their imagination and help develop their creative potential. When we provide our children with ready-made play worlds, we take away the opportunity for them to develop their own creativity. Waldorf education and the Montessori approach guide the company in their toy-making, with an eye to the child's developmental progress. Grimm’s argues that children need "worlds of experience" that can be understood and experienced with their hands, in contrast to the digital media world. Their toys have a velvety-rough surface that is left untreated to preserve the positive properties of the wood. 

    Grimm’s produces some of our best-selling building blocks for kids, including these Rainbow Sorting Bowls. Grimm’s giant building blocks are also available, along with the rest of our fantastic Grimm’s blocks range. Check it out today!

    Grapat Toy Building Blocks

    Grapat is a small family project that created toys from everyday objects to allow children to use their imagination. They are inspired to see their children playing, getting involved in games that are governed by their own rules which can be a moment of true peace. For Grapat, the game is a moment where everything is okay and players take care of the space around them. A child's need to play inspires them to see the world in a new way. Children love to play, and will often do so even in the harshest of conditions. Children are endlessly playful because they need to play in order to explore and learn. Grapat’s toys reflect the whole of this philosophy.

    The 4 Seasons Bundle wooden block set allows you to get all 4 seasons in the year at once so that you can enjoy the changing of the seasons no matter where you live. Grapat wants the children who play with these wooden building blocks to experience the changes in nature by using colours as symbols. 

    Miniland Eco Toy Building Blocks

    Miniland provides products and solutions for families' everyday needs, including childcare, feeding, sleep, and safety. Also, toy blocks! Miniland creates toys to help teachers and children discover through play. Miniland toys emphasise the values of care, growth, fun, expertise, learning, and socialising. Take the Towering Beads wooden block set, for instance. This set is designed to help children develop skills such as coordination, colour and shape recognition, and logic.

    Building Blocks For Kids At Alex and Moo

    Alex and Moo is a business run by a mother for her children that produces high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Our products are chosen for their environmental impact, which includes limiting the carbon footprint, using natural products, and being high-quality and long-lasting. Contact us with any questions or feedback, our friendly staff are always happy to help.

    211 products
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