Pretend play is a fun and important part of childhood development. Through pretend play, children learn to interact with the world around them, express their creativity, and develop social and cognitive skills. Pretend play also helps children to understand and practice new concepts and ideas. 

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    What are the benefits of pretend play wooden toys?

    As they take on different roles and explore different scenarios with pretend play toys, children learn about cause and effect, problem-solving, and much more. Pretending to be in different situations to play is a vital part of early childhood education and should be encouraged in all children, giving way to healthy psychological development from an early age. It's a great way for kids and even their parents to have fun while also learning about the world around them.

    This kind of playing can encourage better psychological development as it utilises the child’s power of imagination. Kids are normally more imaginative and thus, they can get as creative as they would like, giving them complete freedom. From building a fort out of blankets and pretending to be a princess to using wooden sticks as lightsabers, playing and growing go hand in hand with our pretend play collection.

    The most important aspect of using wooden toys in your kids’ pretend play sessions (especially those that do not have much use of plastic) is to teach your children from an early age the significance of being responsible for their actions, and being respectful to their environment while still having fun. Building a sustainable future starts at home, and your choice of pretend play toys for your kids can inspire green and responsible behaviour in them while engaging them in imaginative scenarios.

    Which pretend play toys are best for your child?

    Grapat Pretend Play Toys

    The Grapat collection of pretend play toys include a wide variety of sophisticated yet creative toys for children. Grow your kids’ collection of toys with Grapat’s toys, including the Grapat 4 Seasons Bundle that features four sets of characters (3 nins, 3 nins with top, 3 mates, 9 rings, 9 coins) made of wood to provide your baby with a relaxing sensory experience. Each set is coloured with season-specific palettes to allow your kid to understand the colours associated with each season, too. 

    Grapat’s toys are designed to improve the children’s perception of touch and to encourage their sensory development. For instance, the Grapat Nins of the Forest is a toy set containing cute little characters and some complementary objects that can serve to create a small pretend village or community. Such toy sets allow children to use their imagination and apply stories from their lives to create scenes or stories using these characters. Children love playing imaginative games, especially when the toys consist of such attractive colour themes and have a nice and smooth touch. 

    Grimm’s Pretend Play Toys

    Grimm’s toys include many fun-looking elements with bright colours and funky shapes to keep the young ones interested. Their pretend play range consists of building sets, stacking toys, tangrams, vehicles, and even wooden bowls and houses. Built sustainably, you can use these toys to allow your kid to learn about shapes, structure, colours, and more. This Small Stacking Puzzle set by Grimm’s is one of the best selling pretend play toys depicting an abstract version of fire that can also serve as an imaginary fire, a tunnel for vehicles, or as a fence for animals in your kid’s pretend play games. Grimm’s toys are known for their smooth wooden finish that they are proud of, and come in a wide variety for children of all ages.

    Bonikka Pretend Play Dolls

    Kids love dolls, especially when they are Bonikka’s cute ones. Their range of pretend play dolls include soft dolls made from cotton, linen, and other organic materials. The Natural Rubber Mini Dolls are widely popular as a baby welcoming gift as they come in many hair tones, skin tones, and dresses. 

    Alex & Moo’s range of pretend play toys

    Explore our range of pretend play toys made from eco-friendly products, good for your kids’ development and good for the environment.
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