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    Wooden toys have been around for centuries, and they continue to be popular among kids today. These toys are durable and can provide hours of fun. Some of the best wooden toys are made by hand, and they often come with interesting designs that kids can enjoy. From puzzles to blocks, cars, and more varieties, there are many ways to incorporate our eco-friendly wooden toys into your kids’ playtime, encouraging them to learn, play, and develop better.

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    Why are wooden toys a better choice for your children?

    Learn as you have fun

    Wooden toys are entertaining while also providing a learning experience. Wooden puzzles help with problem-solving skills, and blocks can teach basic physics concepts. Wooden cars can help improve hand-eye coordination. Similarly, more detailed wooden toy sets like kitchen sets or train sets encourage imaginative play as well, exercising your child’s brain as they get creative. 

    Play safe

    Safety is a major concern when parents buy toys for their children, and that is another factor that makes wooden toys preferable over others. Wood is a natural material that is safe for babies, and most manufacturers use nontoxic paint or varnish which is safe for babies to even taste (as children normally love to put their toys near their mouths). These toys are also much stronger than plastic toys and less likely to break into small pieces if they are dropped. The antibacterial qualities of wood also make it a safer choice than plastic toys.

    Choose from a wider variety of toys

    Moreover, the diversity of woods and the flexibility of shaping wood allows for a wide range of toys to be produced. With attractive colours, intricate detailing, and so many options of creative looks to choose from, wooden toys offer a better choice for children.

    Are wooden toys durable?

    The durability of wooden toys is unmatchable. As long as they are maintained i.e. cleaned and cared for, they can last for many years, sometimes even generations. For starters, cleaning any toys made of wood should not involve washing or soaking them, for obvious reasons. The moisture can make the wood swell up, becoming weaker over time. Instead, use a slightly damp cloth to clean the wooden toys. You can also use mild cleaning agents like vinegar or dish soap (diluted with water) to spray over the toy and wipe off.

    Some people also like to maintain the new polished appearance of the wooden toys. For that, you can use a little beeswax polish or a few drops of olive oil to rub over the surface of the toy. Make sure to leave the wooden toy in a warm, dry place for some time before handing it back to your kid, but don’t leave it in direct sunlight. Sunlight can make the colours on the toy fade away. While wooden toys require some care, they are safe, durable, and easy to keep clean and shiny for years.

    Alex & Moo’s collection of best-selling wooden toys

    Our collection consists of only the best, most durable wooden toys. From building blocks to dollhouse accessories, you can access eco-friendly, beautifully detailed toys at our store. Make a great gift with a set like La Fiamma Grand Kitchen or make your baby’s first years fun with the Baby Block Walker.
    290 products
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