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    There are countless challenges that come with being a new parent. With so many different opinions about everything from food to sleep, it can be difficult to identify the right choices for your child.

    One of the most hotly debated topics amongst parents and parenting experts is dummies. Some prefer not to use them, whilst others say they (and their child) simply can’t live without them.

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    As a parent, you know what’s right for your little one and will no doubt make a decision that is in their best interests. If you do choose to use dummies, Alex and Moo is here to help with a comprehensive range of baby dummies and sleep products.

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    What Is The Best Baby Dummy For A Breastfeeding Baby?

    There are several factors to consider when purchasing a baby dummy for your child.

    To start with, understand that dummies tend to be made from three separate parts — the teat, the shield, and the handle. If your baby or anyone in your family has allergies — to latex, for example — be sure to check the materials used to manufacture the dummy before making a purchase. This is not a particular problem when shopping with Alex and Moo, given that our range of baby dummies includes Hevea products that are completely free from silicone, plastic, and other petrochemical substances. In addition, dummies sold by Alex and Moo are one-piece products, meaning they are both more hygienic and are less of a choking hazard.

    Dummies also come in different shapes, including orthodontic, round and symmetrical. Some shapes your baby might take to, whilst others they may avoid altogether. Finding the right teat shape is largely a process of trial and error and is further complicated by the fact that your baby’s preferences may change over time.


    An orthodontic dummy teat features a flat underside and a rounded top. It is designed in this way to prevent tooth misalignment and other orthodontic issues. If you’re interested in an orthodontic dummy shape, check out the Hevea Natural Rubber Pacifier — Orthodontic


    Rounded dummies, also sometimes known as cherry-shaped dummies, are amongst the most common teat shapes. A rounded dummy replicates the shape of a bottle teat, meaning many babies will latch on fairly easily. For a round dummy shape, try our Hevea Natural Rubber Pacifier — Round


    A symmetrical dummy teat is designed to closely match the shape of a nipple, making it a popular choice for parents who are breastfeeding their baby. If you are searching for a symmetrical teat, check out the Hevea Natural Rubber Pacifier — Symmetrical

    Another handy product is the Hevea Pacifier Keeper Case. Designed to make parents’ lives easier, the case can be attached to prams and bags for easy access. Made from natural rubber, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to minimise their use of plastic whilst also protecting their child with a clean and safe pacifier. 

    What Is The Right Dummy Size For My Baby?

    Baby dummies come in different shapes and sizes, which usually correspond with the baby’s age. For a dummy to be effective, finding the right size is critical. Too small or too large, and it is unlikely to have the same soothing effect as one that is sized perfectly.

    You can consult the recommended age guidelines before making a decision. Keep in mind, however, that no two babies are alike. What works for one may not work for another — even if they are siblings! You may need to work through a process of trial and error to find the right size and shape dummy.

    Be aware, too, that dummies tend to wear out, particularly if your child has teeth. At the first sign of damage or weakness, discard the dummy and replace it with a new one to ensure safety and protection for your little one.

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    All parents want the best for their babies, and that includes getting a good night’s sleep! A dummy is an essential tool in the sleep arsenal for many parents, and Alex and Moo is the best place to shop for baby dummies and other sleep products.

    From blankets to dolls and everything in between, our sleep line also includes a variety of products designed to help babies and parents alike get a good night’s sleep.

    Check out our full range online today, and be sure to contact our friendly and experienced team with any questions.

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