There's nothing more quintessential for a bright upbringing than awesome rainbow products that bring colour and life into your child's world!  More colours typically mean more fun for your little one and the rainbow certainly has many. Bring home colourful rainbow products and rainbow toys and explore our rainbow range at Alex & Moo today! 

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    Rainbows don't just look fun and colourful, but they can also be used as an educational tool for your child as they learn the names of colours, learn about nature and even start to understand the concept of a rainbow. With products like our rainbow toys, your child can have their very own rainbow in their room to discover, explore and enjoy!

    Rainbow toys can be sustainable too!

    One of the downsides of rainbow products is that finding high-quality rainbow toys that kids can play with can be difficult, particularly if you're looking to avoid plastic and make more conscious shopping decisions by buying more sustainable products and toys. 

    At Alex & Moo, we believe in providing quality rainbow products that are fun for kids and safe for the environment. Our rainbow toys are made from sustainable materials like bamboo and wood, so you can feel good about your purchase while your child enjoys their new toy! Some of our absolute bestselling sustainable rainbow toys include our wooden rainbow stacking tower and wooden rainbow spirals from Grimm's. The wooden rainbow stacker toy is a favourite as it allows your child to stack the rainbow discs in any order they choose, encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving skills. The wooden rainbow spirals are also a popular choice as they can be played with in many different ways, offering endless opportunities for fun!

    Bring colour to the table and brighten up meal times with rainbow tableware!

    Dinnerware for kids has never looked more fun and colourful with rainbow plates, bowls, cups and other assortment of rainbow products available at Alex & Moo.  With rainbow products, mealtimes can be more fun and exciting for your little one as they get to eat their food off a rainbow plate or drink from a rainbow cup! Plus, our rainbow bowls are perfect for serving up snacks and meals for the whole family. Rainbow certainly isn't just for toys when you can purchase an awesome tableware set to match a colourful play-date or play-room today.

    Many of our rainbow products that you can take to the dining room are also sustainable such as popular products from Re-Play. Made with recycled milk jugs, the colourful assortment of rainbow products from Re-Play means your rainbow bowls, plates and cutlery is as a creative as they are great for the environment too. Explore the full range of rainbow dinnerware products and more below!

    So, if you're looking for fun rainbow products to add some colour to your child's life, be sure to check out our rainbow range at Alex & Moo! You'll find everything from rainbow toys and games to rainbow plates and bowls, perfect for brightening up any mealtime or playtime. Enrich everyday life with bright colours for more creativity, fun and learning today!

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