A child’s toys should reflect their curious and creative nature. That’s why at Alex & Moo, we stock a vast selection of quality kids' toys that are built to last and aid children's early development. From plush animals to board games, puzzles, and toys built for the outdoors, our collection caters to all ages and interests.

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    Whether your child enjoys role-playing, building, or simply cuddling with a plushie, this collection offers something to spark their imagination and keep them entertained; while simultaneously developing their motor skills and emotional development. Featuring both classic and contemporary toys, our range has something for every child that will make playtime an enjoyable and enriching experience.

    Help Your Child's Motor & Emotional Development

    Toys play a critical role in a child’s overall growth, as they have a significant impact on development – particularly motor and emotional. For instance, toys that require physical activity such as running, jumping, or climbing can help develop a child's motor skills and enhance their coordination and balance. Building toys such as blocks and puzzles can promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while pretend play toys can help children develop social and emotional skills as they learn to express themselves and interact with others.

    Playing with toys can also be a therapeutic way for children to express and process their emotions. Dolls and stuffed animals can become emotional support for kids, providing comfort and companionship. Additionally, imaginative play is another way for children to explore and process complex emotions and experiences. Kids' toys not only provide entertainment, but play a vital role in promoting healthy cognitive, motor, and emotional growth.

    Benefits of Buying Kids Toys

    Buying kids' toys, especially those of high quality, is an important  investment in a child's development. At Alex & Moo, we source environmentally friendly, high-quality toys that are designed to last and provide ongoing opportunities for children to learn and grow. Engaging in productive play with toys can also help keep children occupied and engaged, reducing the likelihood of boredom and negative behaviours.

    Toys serve as essential tools in a child's progression through life, providing a range of cognitive, physical, and emotional advantages. For example, playing with toys can help children develop crucial social skills, allowing them to interact and connect with others. Cooperative play can promote teamwork and collaboration, while competitive play can teach children the importance of sportsmanship and fairness.

    Ultimately, purchasing kids' toys can bring about various advantages for children and parents alike. Investing in quality toys can provide long-term benefits to our children and the planet, and positively foster a child's growth.

    Why Buy Kids Toys Online?

    Buying kids' toys online has become incredibly popular, and there are various reasons why. Shopping online for kids' toys is an effortless, convenient option for parents – a method that offers a greater selection than may be available in local stores. 

    Online shopping also saves time, enabling buyers to browse and purchase toys without having to leave their homes – a major win for any busy parent. It also offers competitive pricing and discounts, and allows for easy comparisons between products.

    How to Store Kids Toys

    Children come with a lot of stuff, and a common struggle for many parents is figuring out how and where to store it all. To keep kids' toys organised and easily accessible, there are a few storage solutions that parents can consider. 

    Make Use of Open Storage

    One option is to use open storage such as shelves or cubbies, which allows children to see and access their toys easily. 

    Organise With Containers & Compartments 

    Another choice would be to use storage containers, like bins or baskets, which can be labelled for easy identification. For smaller toys such as building blocks and puzzles, storage with compartments can also help keep the pieces organised and prevent them from getting lost. 

    Donate Outgrown Items

    It's also important to regularly declutter and donate or discard toys that are no longer being used. This helps to keep your storage space manageable and gives a new life to toys that your child has grown out of.

    How Long Does Shipping Take?

    Our shipping times vary depending on location and order volume. However, at Alex & Moo we do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

    For delivery to New South Wales or Australian Capital Territory, expect regular shipping to take 1-2 days, and express shipping to take 1 day. 

    For delivery to Queensland and Victoria, expect regular shipping to take 3 days, and express shipping to take 1 day. 

    For delivery to Northern Territories, Western Australia, Tasmania, and South Australia, expect regular shipping to take 4-7 days, and express shipping to take 2 days.

    Orders are typically dispatched within 1-2 business days from Newcastle, NSW via Australia Post. Tracking details will be provided via email from Australia Post once the package has been sent. In an effort to minimise waste, orders may arrive in reused packaging materials. For locals in Newcastle, NSW, there is a local pick-up option available. Check out our shipping guide or contact us for more information.

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