Alex and Moo have a huge range of toy animals that are sure to appeal to the budding biologist you have crawling around your home! Look at our full range below, or check out some of our best-selling animal toys here.

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    Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Animals

    Looking for a unique gift? Our complete set of Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Animals is the perfect gift for any occasion! You can give them to your friends or family or keep them for yourself. With 46 different wooden animals to play with, the lucky recipient is sure to find the perfect one that they enjoy. These wooden animals are made with smooth edges and are perfectly sized for little hands. They're also environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about giving them as a gift. Inspire hours of fun animal-themed open-ended play with this playful collection. Purchase the complete set of Tender Leaf Toys Wooden animals today! Their wooden farm animals are some of the best wooden animal toys Australia wide. This huge set includes farm animal toys, coastal animal toys, dinosaur animal toys, and jungle animal toys as well! Alex and Moo are proud to stock one of the largest ranges of Tender Leaf toys Australia has to offer. 

    miYim’s Organic Ring Rattle Baby Animal Toys

    There are a lot of plastic and synthetic baby rattles on the market these days. The manufacturing process for these materials often creates harmful toxins that can be harmful to babies and the environment. miYim's organic ring rattles are made from 100% certified organic and natural cotton. miYim make no compromises in the design process, and they don’t make any concessions when it comes to the looks or sustainable creation of these gorgeous animal toys. These rattles make a great present for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating a recent birth, a holiday, or just looking to do something nice.

    Djeco’s Origami Craft Animals

    Djeco’s Origami Animals set is the perfect way to get creative and make some adorable animals come to life. This set comes with 24 illustrated paper sheets, sticker sheets, and an easy-to-understand booklet that will teach you how to make a variety of origami animals. With this set, you can make 12 different origami animals including a lion, monkey, and deer. The best part is that you get to bring them to life with the supplied stickers of eyes, whiskers and other fluffy elements. Get your hands on this amazing art and craft set today, and start teaching your child the magic of origami. 

    Tikiri Arctic Animal Toys For Kids

    Our little ones need to chew on something to help soothe their teething pain, but we don't want them chewing on anything that's not safe. According to the Environmental Working Group, over 70% of all toys contain harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium and phthalates. These toxins can easily leach out and contaminate your child's mouth. The Tikiri rattles/teethers are handmade, sustainable natural rubber baby toy and are 100% plastic-free. They are also designed to be easily gripped by tiny hands making them easy to hold and develop coordination. While the arctic set is one of our customer’s favourites, Tikiri also create some of the best farm animal toys Australia has to offer!

    Baby Animal Toys From Alex and Moo 

    Alex and Moo is a business run by a mother for her children that produces high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Our products are chosen for their environmental impact, which includes limiting the carbon footprint, using natural products, and being high-quality and long-lasting. Contact us with any questions or feedback, our friendly staff are always happy to help.

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