The Best Wooden Puzzles for Children

To choose an eco-friendly and educational toy for your child, such as a wooden puzzle, is to choose to make a positive impact on their early development. Wooden puzzles, along with being durable, sustainable, and a fun toy for children and toddlers, also happen to be deeply engaging and inspire cognitive growth in those who use them. In this guide to wooden puzzles, we will explore the benefits of this kind of toy, how to choose the best puzzle for your child, and some of the best wooden puzzle products we offer. 

The Benefits of Wooden Puzzles 

Wooden puzzles have a number of benefits over plastic and other toy alternatives – for both our children and the environment. They are made from natural materials, so they are environmentally friendly, as well as more durable than plastic puzzles, which can easily be broken or chipped. Wooden puzzles for kids provide an engaging and tactile experience that encourages problem-solving skills. Additionally, wooden toys have the tendency to require less maintenance than plastic puzzles, which can be wiped down to clean and gently polished with furniture polish to maintain their clean look and feel.

Beyond their functionality, wooden puzzles engage children’s developing minds, improving their cognitive and fine motor skills as they work towards a solution to the task a puzzle puts at hand. We all know that satisfying feeling of completing a puzzle, putting the last piece in its place. That feeling of accomplishment – that’s what wooden puzzles offer your children.

As wooden puzzles are a more tactile and interactive way to learn, children enjoy them far more than traditional two-dimensional puzzles. The wooden pieces add texture that enjoyably stimulates the senses. They also create physical boundaries around individual shapes or symbols, which help children identify patterns and spatial relationships – something they will use throughout their entire lives. Hand-eye coordination also develops as kids work to flip, turn and place puzzle pieces together, and lifting and handling wooden toys builds up their strength, advancing fine motor ability. Socially speaking, young children playing who complete a wooden puzzle together will learn to work and problem-solve collaboratively. 

Including wooden puzzles as part of your child's playtime encourages them to explore and learn in increasingly complex ways, while also allowing them to have good fun. For toddlers, wooden puzzles help build their confidence as they master shapes and designs. As each puzzle is completed, a sense of accomplishment is created that will stick with them for years to come!

How to Choose a Wooden Puzzle for Your Child

Wooden puzzles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from wooden cubes with pictures on each side to wooden shape sorters consisting of pieces shaped like animals or other objects and some wooden puzzles even feature magnetic pieces that allow for even more interactive play. When choosing the right wooden puzzle for your child, there are a few key things to consider. 

The Age of Your Child

Puzzles come in different levels, from wooden puzzles with small pieces and simple shapes suited for younger children to puzzles with more complex images and challenging shapes that require fine motor skills. Right from the age of six months, wooden puzzles should be introduced into children’s playtime routines, so they reap the developmental benefits of the toy. However, a puzzle that features quite small pieces should not be given to a young child, as this could be a choking hazard. As children grow and progress, though, they will need a greater level of difficulty to stay stimulated and engaged – and this is where more intricate puzzles can be introduced alongside developing maturity. 

The Price of Puzzles

Wooden puzzles range from basic wooden sets to more elaborate puzzles made from higher-quality wood. Consider the age of your child, how often they will play with it (and how roughly they may play with it) and how much you are willing to invest in a wooden puzzle for them. A wooden puzzle is always a great investment for your child, but depending on your needs, you can spend accordingly. At Alex & Moo, we have a range of different product offerings at various price points to suit your needs!

The Different Themes of Puzzles

Wooden puzzles come in a wide range of themes suited for various interests, from animals, numbers, letters and shapes to famous works of art and industries. Consider what topics and character types your child shows the most interest in when choosing a wooden puzzle for them, and this will help to further engage them in their play. 

Our Top Wooden Puzzles

Within our wide range of wooden puzzles, we have something for every age and need. From simple blocks to intricately designed, themed pieces, we have something for you at Alex & Moo. Here are our top picks:

Grimm’s | Large Square Wooden Puzzle - This simple yet intriguing puzzle will bring a pop of colour to your playroom and endless two- and three-dimensional fun to your little one. 

Djeco | BabyAnimli Wooden Puzzle – This cute set of five chunky, decorated animals each fit perfectly into their place on the board and can also be stacked and imaginatively played with. Great for building up the little one’s fine motor skills and developing spatial awareness. 

Grimm’s | Landscape Building blocks - Awarded the “spiel gut” seal, this puzzle is as much a work of art as it is a fabulous educational toy for little ones. With the unusual shapes of the puzzle pieces, anything from landscapes and houses to caves can be crafted. This wooden puzzle creates an ideal free-form foundation for children’s creativity.

Grimm's | Small Stacking Puzzle - Earth - This open-ended set of stacking blocks creates a pristine setting for the versatile, imaginative play that we want children to engage in. From stacking to creating new fixtures, this is a puzzle style that’s hard to outgrow. 

Grimm's | Small Stacking Puzzle - Fire - Stack, sort and build with this wooden puzzle that represents the element of fire – this toy will always have the ability to be incorporated into imaginary play.

At Alex & Moo, we know that children’s happiness and healthy development are of the utmost importance. Our wide range of wooden puzzles for kids offer both – a setting for fun, and engaging imaginative play, all while building up little one’s fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. Shop our collection today, and visit our blog to read more about the benefits of educational toys and wooden puzzles for kids!