Teaching your kids to eat with cutlery may not be a skill you’ve thought much about, but it’s certainly an important one. While using their fingers is okay at a very young age, you’ll quickly discover that using baby cutlery is a lot easier and cleaner for everyone involved!

    Alex and Moo stocks a range of baby cutlery sets to make the transition from fingers to a knife and fork as seamless as possible. Shop online now!

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    What Are The Benefits Of Baby Cutlery?

    Using a regular set of adult cutlery can seem like a daunting task for young children just beginning to feed themselves. Baby cutlery, specifically designed for little hands, can help to make the process easier and more enjoyable. These utensils often have rounder edges and thicker handles, making them safer to use, easier to grasp and less likely to cause cuts or scrapes. 

    The use of cutlery by children can improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination, which are critical skills to develop at a young age. Baby cutlery also promotes independence at mealtime, as your child can participate in feeding themselves instead of relying on parents to do it for them. 

    While it may seem like just another expense, investing in a set of high-quality baby cutlery can pay off in the long run with happier mealtimes and a smoother transition into adulthood.

    Why Buy A Set Of Baby Cutlery Instead Of Single Packs?

    Buying baby cutlery in a set is simply a cost-effective decision. Take, for example, the Re-Play Little Kid Collection — Flat Plate. Complete with everything you need to feed your little one at home and on the go, the small bowls, small flat plates, tumblers, and utensils are available in a range of colour schemes and are BPA/BPS, melamine and surface coating free. Plus, they’re made from recycled milk bottles!

    Of course, if you’re only after single items, we also offer fork and spoon pairings available in colours spanning from amethyst to sage. 

    Shop For Baby Cutlery At Alex and Moo

    If you’re searching for eco-friendly, high-quality baby cutlery, you’ve come to the right place. Alex and Moo is passionate about providing customers searching for baby and toddler products, toys, and clothing with as many options as possible.

    Our comprehensive product line includes easy-to-use baby cutlery that will help improve dexterity and promote independence in your child. 

    Browse the full collection online today, and be sure to contact our friendly team with any questions.

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