Wooden toys are a favourite among parents who like the best for their kids. Keep your kids entertained with these beautifully handcrafted toys in the Grimm’s collection. With a variety of shapes and colours, there's something for everyone in this toy line. Grimm’s toys are one of those popular ranges of toys that any parent would prefer due to the durability and sustainability of the brand’s products. 

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    What are Grimm’s toys known for?

    Grimm's Toys is a German company that is a pioneer in wooden toys. Grimm's Toys was founded in 1978 by two families who were looking for an alternative to the mass-produced plastic toys that were prevalent at the time. Grimm's toys are made of only sustainable wood from certified European forests, and all of their products are finished with water-based stains and varnishes. 

    Grimm's is perhaps best known for its line of rainbows, which are colourful stacks of blocks that can be used to create an infinite number of shapes and designs. Grimm's Toys also produces a wide variety of other toys, including dolls, puzzles, and cars. All of Grimm's products are designed to encourage creativity and imagination, and they are enjoyed by children all over the world.

    Why should you buy Grimm’s toys for your children?

    Grimm’s toys offer a wide variety of creative playtime activities. From decorating your kid’s room to building beautiful cities, stir your child’s imagination and allow them to develop psychologically as they improve their physical motor skills. The colourful, diversely shaped, and eco-friendly toys are great for giving your children a good time with a sense of creative freedom and environmental responsibility.

    Which Grimm’s toys will your kids love?

    Grimm’s Building Sets

    Grimm’s offers a wide variety of building sets for children to get creative with. Made from colourful and smooth wooden blocks, these building sets can be made into anything your kids can imagine. For instance, the Arcs in Square Buildings Set lets you build an entire city! With over 80 pieces in total, this construction set allows for endless imaginative play. The variety of shapes and colours offer up beautiful mandalas as well animal faces or figures that can be combined with other large kits like our Stairway Building Set (sold separately) for unique creations every time. It makes a perfect combination if you are looking into purchasing both products together.

    Such building sets offer a new play every time your kid opens up the puzzle, allowing them to create new stories and explore something new.

    Grimm’s Decorations

    Our collection of Grimm’s Toys also includes their birthday candle range and their candle holders. The cute little Beeswax candles by Grimm’s fit perfectly into their small candle holders made of brass, safe to use for your kid’s birthday parties or other occasions. The candles can be paired up with Grimm’s decorations like the Branch Candle Holder which have great aesthetic appeal for any party.

    Alex & Moo’s Collection of Grimm’s Toys

    Alex & Moo has stocked on Grimm’s wide variety of toys, calendars, books, and more. One of our best-selling toys is the Grimm’s Bobbing Rabbit which is made entirely of alder wood and polished with natural linseed oil. It serves as a great gift for your kid to walk around with. Not only does the range of Grimm’s toys serve as a fun playtime, but they also help develop your child’s skills. For instance, the Grimm’s Sorting Helper is an ideal toy that can improve your child’s eye-hand coordination and motor skills.

    Our range of Grimm’s toys is eco-friendly, colourful, and beautifully interactive. Kids love being imaginative, and this range can serve well for their playtime and their learning.

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