Alex and Moo stocks eco-friendly products, including the Re play range of tableware. If you are a parent who wants to have a reliable collection of tableware for your children that does not break and is BPA-free and uses eco-friendly materials, Re play is famous as the solution to that. With colourful bowls, cups, plates and accessories lining your cabinets or your dining table, you can rest assured that you will have a tidy drawer or cupboard without having to worry about the annoyance of mismatching and different sized bowls, cups and plates.

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    What is the Re Play range of tableware?

    Replay is a brand of recycled plastic tableware that has a fun, elegant, and refined look. The Replay brand was created with the intention of providing an alternative to disposable tableware. Replay uses 100% recycled plastic that is collected from post-consumer sources. This means that Replay is doing its part to reduce environmental waste and help preserve our natural resources. Replay's products are dishwasher-safe and can last until all your children have grown out of it. They are also BPA-free and meet FDA standards for food safety. Replay's products are available in a variety of colours and styles, so you can find the perfect set for your next party or event. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated way to entertain guests or fun and eco-friendly way to enjoy your meals, Replay has the perfect solution for you.

    What will your kids love about Re Play?

    Re play has designed its tableware not only creatively but also efficiently. Of course, children would not care too much about how eco-friendly their plates and bowls are, but they will definitely be delighted to see so many colours on the table. Kids can generally be picky about their food, especially if it does not look too appetising to them. But, when you dish out soups and other of their non-favourite healthy meals in these colourful sets by Re play, you will naturally excite their appetite for a fun mealtime. 

    Re play for infants

    You love your baby, but they are not easy to feed… That’s where Re play comes in. With cutlery designed just for infants, like the best-selling Re-play Infant Spoon set, it is easier to shift the kid’s or baby’s attention to the colourful aeroplane (spoon) coming towards their mouth. The spoon set comes in a pack of 4 different colours (or 4 of just one colour) and also includes a travel case that you can carry anywhere, ensuring that your kid is well-fed anytime.

    Re play also has snack stacks in exciting designs and palettes for infants to make traveling with them a little less difficult. Just fill up their snacks in these little colourful containers and stack them up for easy portability. You can store powder, liquids, or solid snacks in these stacks with ease of mind as they are FDA approved and BPA-free.

    Stock on Re Play today

    At Alex & Moo, we have a range of Re play items available for your kids to enjoy. From sippy cups, straws, utensils and regular tableware, we have everything your child needs. Browse our collection now.
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