There's nothing more exciting for a toddler than learning to walk or ride on their own, and even the chance to practice on their very own toy! At Alex & Moo, we offer a great range of ride-on toys to help your little one gain balance and have fun while learning to walk or ride. From rocking horses and bicycles to cars and bikes, we have the perfect ride-on toy for your child. 

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    What are walk-on or ride-on toys?

    Usually known as ride-on toys or ride-on vehicles, there are also walk-on toys as well. They are toys that a child can play with to further develop their walking or riding skills, depending on the toy. They come in many different shapes and sizes; ride-on toys can range from bicycles and wagons to rocking horses and bike crates while walk-on toys come in kinderboards, walkers, balancing discs and swings that allow your child's feet to touch the ground.  

    Why are ride-on toys good for toddlers?

    Walk-on toys and ride-on toys are great for helping toddlers develop their gross motor skills, develop a sense of balance and stimulate their vestibular systems so that they have a greater sense of awareness for their own bodies that allow them to walk and ride with more confidence and general ability. Using these toys also involves the large muscles in their bodies, such as the legs and arms, and are important for overall movement and coordination. By riding on or walking with a walk-on or ride-on toy, your child can practice using their balance, coordination and motor skills, which will help them develop these important skills further.

    What are the benefits of ride-on toys?

    Ride-on toys offer many benefits for toddlers, including:

    • Developing gross motor skills
    • Improving coordination
    • Building strength
    • Increasing balance
    • Encouraging active play
    • Providing a sense of independence
    • Boosting confidence

    Ride-on toys are a great way for your toddler to have fun while they learn and develop important gross motor skills. With so many different ride-on toys to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your child at Alex & Moo.

    Are ride-on toys worth it?

    Yes! Ride-on toys are definitely worth it and offer so many benefits, as outlined above, that makes it easier and convenient for you to entertain and provide the resources and support to help your child learn to walk or ride with confidence. 

    As with many of our products at Alex & Moo, our walk-on and ride-on toys are often made with wood to be a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to cheaper, plastic ride-on toys. Our brands are popular for their high-quality products and we encourage the usage of wooden ride-on toys such as kinderboards, wishbone trikes and wooden baby walkers for a great experience for your child and the environment. 

    Explore our full range of ride-on toys today at Alex & Moo. We're sure that you'll find something for your little ones to develop their skills and master the art of walking and riding at a young age. Do contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products. 

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