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Hevea pacifier

Lovely colour pacifier for baby girls

Love these plates and bowls, have bought these before and needed more. I have also given other people your site so they can look too.


My 1 year old loves all her ducks. I love knowing that they are low tox so safe for my little one and that no mould can grow inside it because it has no hole in it.

Re-Play | Bowl
Fei Kofe
Love Re-Play

I love these bowls for my 4yo, he’s been using this brand since he has been eating and they are great size for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! Easy to clean, so durable and they look great.

Tender Leaf Families

Love the wooden family! Great quality & awesome price!

I love the look of the toy and the posting and placement motor skills involved. Being timber it is eco friendly and solid with no chance of breaking!

Wonderful doll house

My granddaughter absolutely loved her dollhouse !!

Jack 'N' Jill | Toothpaste
Promote hygiene at the finest

My son is 6 year old who have Autism level 2 and adhd have been battle promoted hygiene with him. Since using this product so much easier favourite flavour bubblegum.

Re-Play | Utensils
Easy Utensils for Simple home

- kids friendly
- easy clean
- perfect size for 6 month old baby
- smooth material for sensory children

1000% recommends this for child that have muscles tone issues and autism as light and sensory input is smooth and simple design

🌿The class loves it🌿

Added these to the classroom & the kids love playing with them 😊

🌿The class loves it!🌿

Added these to the classroom & the kids love playing with them 😊


Great no-spill cups,fit perfectly in the small section of the divided plates, awesome for lazy Friday night dinners Infront of the tv.
We even took ours camping so we didn't get spills in the tent


these are awesome,and definitely worth it.
Virtually indestructible,I've owned mine for 12+ months and they haven't faded,chipped, scratched or stained.
Dishwasher safe and made from recycled milk bottles.
I recommend them to anyone who'll listen.
Even convinced my neighbor to buy some (although she bought the neutral colours)
I LOVE the bright,funky colours,and so do the kids.
And ,another plus is- the replay cups fit perfectly into the small section of the plate,great for lazy Friday night dinners Infront of the tv :)


The large section of the small plate perfectly fits x2 tacos & helps them stand up which was super cool & the kids loved it.
And the small section of the plate perfectly fits the cup.
Great for lazy Friday night dinners Infront of the tv.

The spoons are deep enough that even my 1yr old can scoop cereal onto it.

My kids ages are 1/3/4/6/8/9/15/16
The bowls in this set are a bit small for the older kids to have cereal in,but they are the perfect size for ice cream/after dinner treats.
We purchased the bigger bowls too (and some extra cups because I know the teenagers are gonna end up with half of them in their rooms haha)

All the replay products are super tough & durable.
And dishwasher safe.
I have owned replay products for 12+ months and they have not faded/still look brand new, despite my kids being super rough/misusing them they still have not scratched/faded/broken/or stained...

-these products have been used at skates,thrown at each other,used to put dirt& worms in (7 of my kids are BOYS) I've found funky,dried up,week old baked beans on a plate under teenagers bed and it still hasn't stained.

I don't know what else I can say to convince you to buy these products,but just do it!!
They're worth it!
and it feels good to be using something recycled


Bright,fun,super tuff bowls.
My kids put them on their feet and used them to skate around the kitchen & they still look brand new.
Everybody loves the bright funky colours.
All my friends/family/anyone who See's them asks where I got them.
And I love bragging about how they are made from recycled milk bottles.
Definitely worth the money,would buy again

We brought these plates for our 9, 6 and 20 month old and they all absolutely love so do we! They are super solding, and the raised sides make meals time a lot less messier, the colours are so vibrant and bright. Will definitely be back for more and build a colourful collection ❤

Guatemalan Hacky Sack
Linda Waldron
Therapeutic and fun fidget toy

My neurodiverse son wanted some juggling balls for his birthday. I could have bought some cheap plastic balls with cheap fill that would likely have split after a few goes. Instead, I bought these lovely bright hakisaks. Instead of fiddling with the TV remote control or the keyboard, my son rolls the balls in hand. The cat loves pouncing on them when she finds them on the floor and I like playing with them too. Oh yes, and my son is learning to juggle with three balls now. They are beautiful, well made and lovely tactile texture. Highly recommended.

Grimm's | Small Rainbow
Di Terrill-Wynne

As well as this beautiful rainbow, I also ordered 2 different wooden puzzles for my grandson and both he and I are thrilled with all these products. Exceptional quality, great value for money and a wonderful responsive business to deal with! Thank you!

Neva - Bonikka Doll

I have just purchased the Neva Bonikka Doll from Alex and Moo. The service and follow up email was exceptional and I am very happy with the quality of the doll. Cannot wait for my granddaughter to arrive to give it to her. Thank you Alex and Moo.

Re-Play | Divided Plate - 19cm (6 Pack)
Best investment

Have autism hate food touching had made feeding easier 👏

- easy to use
- easy to clean
- doesn't take up much room

Re-Play Flat Plate

The plates are lovely. A good size for littlies, and the prettiest colours. I have put a couple of pretty coloured ones each aside, for my grandkids, that l know they will love, for their birthdays, with matching cups, bowls, and cutlery.

Perfect snack plate

My 1 and 3 year old love this. Perfect sections for yoghurt, sauce, or dividing up their meal. The kids love their platter lunches. Easy clean up, straight in the dishwasher.

Go for it

Never thought I would like a divided plate but its perfectly sized for his little hands and keeps him interested and going back for more, win 🏆

Grapat | Mandala Bundle

love these

these plates are built kid-tuff,my darling children used them as skates to skate around the kitchen and they still look brand new,also we loved that the large side perfectly fits two tacos (and helps them stand up) and the small side fits the cup perfectly