Our Wonderful Range of Ride-Ons and Walkers

Looking for a way to assist your little one as they grasp that urge to explore the big, wide world around them? We’ve got plenty of options to keep them moving, so read on to discover the differences between some of our top picks!...

Wishbone | Mini-Flip Walker 

First up; it's a walker, it's a rocker; it's a ride-on; it's a Mini-Flip from Wishbone! This little beauty aids gross motor development from sitting to running; best suited to children aged 9 months to 3 years. Its clever design means it can transform from a ride-on to a rocker in seconds, without the need for any tools! The less fuss, the better, right? 

The hardest part will be choosing from all the stunning colour combinations it comes in! 

Adjustable height range: 21 - 23.5cm


Wishbone | Mini-Flip With Racebase

Is your little one a bit of a rev-head? Satisfy that need for speed by introducing them to the Mini-Flip With Race-base. This design adds a fun spin to the original Mini-Flip with its 4 castor wheels for extra ‘oomph.’ Don’t worry, it’s still super safe; for them and the planet; made from high-quality, sustainable birch. You still get all the colour combinations to choose from, but we bet red will be a popular choice!

Adjustable height range: 21 - 23.5cm


Kinderfeets | Tiny Tots Tricycle and Balance Bike 2 in 1

Now, one for the tiniest toes treading the pavement. It’s the Tiny Tots 2-in-1 Tricycle and Balance Bike. This cute set of wheels is the smallest balance bike on the market, perfect for taking your 12-month-old from tricycle stage, to balance bike mode around the 24-month mark. 

Adjustable height range: 21 - 28cm


Kinderfeets | Tiny Tots PLUS

If you’re looking to level up, go for the Tiny Tots PLUS. It’s a larger version of the aforementioned 2-in-1 Tricycle and Balance Bike. Kiddies aged 18-months to 4 years can comfortably and safely embrace their spirit of adventure whenever they’re ready. These bikes are also eco-friendly; made from replenishable resources.  

Adjustable height range: 25 - 34cm


Wishbone | 3 in 1 Bike

This last option is the ultimate multi-tasker! The Wishbone 3-in-1 Bike welcomes your little one at age 1 with three sturdy wheels to keep them upright. Once they’ve grown a tad, and mastered the basics, their favourite set of wheels becomes a two-wheel balance bike. By age 4-5, they will have all the confidence in the world to saddle one of the largest running bikes on the market. You’ve just got to flip that ‘wishbone’ frame and set them free! 

Adjustable height range: 23 - 51cm (biggest range, allows for child to grow with it!)


Now you have an understanding of all of the wonderful options for Ride-Ons and Walkers, head over here to shop your favourite!